21-NaNoWriMo Day One

21-NaNoWriMo Day One

Welcome 2 the first neuro-atypical novel, also the first book of the Initial Trilogy Triumvirate of The Ev’ryverses: Sydarta’s Journals of My Journeys Through Charms School; First Journal: Going There… and finally, also the first book I have ever written.

Trilogy #1: Saving Earth begins in rural Maine, where we meet Sydarta Rose on the eve of her 30th birthday, and unbeknowst to her, her Awakening as a Thorsdottir.  Syd’s adventures begin with learning to travel the AllWays around The Ev’ryverse, & how to navigate through an education at magical mystical practical Charms School…



Wednesday 10 February 1999  10AM VIVA, Abnaki, Maine

Dearest O’ma,1

I’m terribly horribly desperately lonely without u.  Please come back!  Reduced 2 begging, how can u refuse ur Little Quark?2  Viva3 echoes this sadness, the flora pine 4 u.  Baskets of nasturtiums bloom but w/ a melancholy slump, twining ever towards ground zero 2 b chicken chow.4  The chickens miss u 2.

2morrow promises no joy no respite no celebration.  A dull hollow aching milestone millstone around my neck.  It will b a relief,  turning 30: no more expectations for a remarkable youth.  No longer a possibility 2 b a prodigy.  No notions 4 achieving normalcy.

No card from Dylan, but I didn’t send him one, either. Touring with Crapulence,oops-4a 4now! as usual, he rarely returns 2 roost; I end up doing all the repairs & weatherproofing of Viva now- funded by his music, of course!  I hate being separated.  He doesn’t seem 2 b affected & stays as self absorbed as ever.  That’s our Black Nova!  But we r the same, I recognize this, this inward obsession, inability 2 connect w/ other humans, we r straight outa our neuro-atypical schizotypal monkey minds & there ain’t nothin 2 b done about it.

Speaking of lunacy, hang on2 ur butt:  a stone spoke 2 me this morning.  I found her in the forest behind the house where she fairly glowed w/ not belonging.  Vague wisps of vaporous clouds somehow let loose a flurry while I was hunting Chaga5 & if it hadn’t’ve done, I woulda kept looking up in2 the Birches 4 polypores & not down @ the increasingly slippery leaf litter & probably missed her altogether.

First, came the odor: deep, earthy, yet not entirely familiar; & the air turned hard 2 breathe, heavy & dense w/ 2 much or 2 little of something required 2 respire.  Strange sounds sent my eyes 2 the sky which suddenly & completely filled w/ glaring sunlight.  Tasting metal or electricity I looked back down @ my feet & I was not in my mostly Maple winter woods anymore.  That’s when the stone spoke.

She’s castigating me: she’s no stone, but a plant.  Was a plant.  Now a fossil, she’s the Mother of Plants- no, the Mother of the Mother of Plants!  She is Shungite, and I was somehow in PRECAMBRIAN6 KAZAKHSTAN7 THIS MORNING TALKING 2 A ROCK.

If anyone else ever reads this, they will surely have me committed.  Don’t call me Shirley!  & forget about that straight jacket, this is all real.  Oh O’ma, how I miss u.

10PM Viva

It keeps getting weirder & weirder around here!!!  Shungite teases me w/ tantalizing intangibles, refusing 2 elaborate; something about 2morrow & an Awakening.   The way she says it is unquestionably w/ a Capital A.

I feel full 2 bursting… my skin wants 2 split, I want 2 dig holes in it, cut in2 it, but memories prove that only relieves the pressure  momentarily & I can’t abide much more.  There’s a buzzing screeching frenzied Tasmanian Devil whirling dervish eating at my marrow.  It hurts it hurts.  What’s happening?!  I don’t understand what’s happening 2 me, O’ma!  HELP ME!  What’s happening 2morrow?  Why is this Shungite so cryptic WHY IS SHE TALKING 2 ME?!  How did I time & space travel?  I’m exhausted.

But I’m totally wired & agitated & wanting 2 know what Shungite wants from me.  Why me?  I wish I had a computer.  The library is obviously closed.8

The chickens r agitated 2, bcause I am, No Doubt.9  That’s what I need, some music!!!  Ella & Louis sing Porgy & Bess10 & I feel better already.   It’s soothing the chickychickys as well, but the bunnies11 r running 4 cover.  They’re fair company but dang r they dumb & stinky.

{LONG STRING OF EXPLETIVES EXPLETIVE EXPLETIVE MORE EXPLETIVES, NaNoWriMo CHANGED MY WORD COUNT FOR 11/1 AND I’M SUPER ANNOYED.}  FOUND PERFECT MEME: past-midnite-update-word-count{IT WAS 700 WORDS, BUT I’M GONNA KEEP WRITING 2NIGHT & POST IT UNDER THIS GIANT BOOK COVER BELOW… I’ll also insert a scanned photo or 2 of O’ma.  The new soundproofed bedroom door hasn’t arrived yet so my library and studio are audibly available 2 my innocent, slumbering mate.}




Still awake still acutely aware of how unaware I remain, stalled in the memory of this morning.  Shungite appears 2 b slumbering.  Or ignoring.  Either way, SHITE!  U taught me that word, deal w/ it, I’m grown now.  Yep, poor choice of words, considering I stopped growing at 10 yrs.  I blame the cheap mac & cheese.10  The Wars of The Roses11 were full bore back then w/ divorce looming on the quivering horizon.  Why did they ever have kids?  We tried so hard 2 please them, 2 take care of them, 2 love them out of their narcissism, but, alas, we failed.  Miserably.  Mother never recovered.  It never occurred 2 me 2 write 2 her.  I only want 2 write 2 u, my beloved O’ma!

It’s the time of night for ramblings blatherings babble on & on & I am impatient 4 the dark 2 break in2 the butt-crack of dawn & then 9:46AM & The Awakening, whatever the funk that is.  Cold pawing at the wall of windows can’t compete w/ big bird, big rodent heat: snuggle bunnies & banty hen11 love; I’m not so lonely after all.

And now I know Shungite.

Praises on high 4 sparing us the ice this year, last year’s storm12 was spectacularly obnoxious exquisite & inconvenient.  I love hunkering down but 2 weeks was ridiculous, even I had cabin fever.  Accosting the mailman motormouthing a million miles a minute; poor man drove away & I was still rapid firing nonsense stream of consciousness in his general direction.

Must lie down.

love u more than monkeys love 2 fling poo,

Your Own: Quark   XOXOXO

Thorsday 11 February 1999  Sunrise   Viva, Abnaki, Maine

Dearest O’ma,

Happy Birthday 2 me.  Almost.  Couple few hours & something big is happening.  I didn’t sleep.  Kept company w/ Orion in my window framed beautifully for an hour, moving on when he’d had enough of me.  Or the Earth rotated.  Either way…  Is it delirium or clarity crowding my vision?  I’ve never been lonely b4.

Remember 6th grade when Mother brought Dylan & I down 2 Nutsville13 2 stay w/ u 4 awhile & u threw us a birthday party & no one showed up & we didn’t notice because we’d never needed anyone besides ourselves?  We were born that way.  Suddenly, I crave companionship.  Somehow, somewhere there r folks like me looking 4 me waiting 4 me & Shungite is one of them.  She remains silent this morning, however, & it’s really really REALLY beginning 2 enrage me.  I’ll explode b4 9 dang 46 freakin AM ever flippin gets here, dagnabbit!

But suddenly, I’m elated: it snowed heavy dense fat flakes for a few hours before the sun rose, leaving puffy tufts of sparkly pure fluffiness 2 bushwack14 through so I’M A-GOIN SKIING!


Snow smells so clean & tastes just like the sky looks.

1.  O’ma: Sydarta’s Grandmother who mostly raised her

2. QUARK: Sydarta was & is so small O’ma named her Quark, and her twin brother is so big and dark-humoured, she called him Black Nova… O’ma  was a quantum physicist.

3. Viva: Sydarta’s Greenhouse home, modeled from Anna Eadey’s Solviva after Dylan visited there while on tour.  Her book is copyrighted 1998.

4. chicken chow: Sydarta keeps Bantum chickens and Angora rabbits in Viva 2 provide warmth, carbon dioxide 4 the plants, manure, companionship, eggys, feathers, fluff 2 spin in2 yarn… and we all just looove nasturtiums.

4a Simpsons 1995 “Who Shot Mr. Burns? Part 2” Mr. Burns: Smithers had thwarted my earlier attempt to take candy from a baby, but with him out of the picture, I was free to wallow in my own crapulence. (excessive intemperence, drunkenness)




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