20- Mrs. Curtis on NaNoWriMo

20- Mrs. Curtis on NaNoWriMo

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Author Bio

Mrs. Curtis and her hub, Captain Safety, are a neuro-atypical couple livin on 500 acres and a dirt road and lovin it.  She has a bit of a sensitive system so she invents snacks in self defense (although left to her druthers, she’d rather just eat condiments.)  And to say Mrs. Curtis crochets is a tongue twister, and an understatement: she is prolific but can’t reproduce or follow directions so everything she makes is unique and a little weird.

Beginning to read at 3 years of age, I’ve been spellbound by books ever since (that feels better, this just became an Author AutoBio.)  But I am a late bloomer, even with that early interest.  Never before having written anything to be read by anybody else, approaching 50 years of age has finally cattle-prodded my brain into offload mode. Gathering varied and vast amounts of information from moving over a hundred times and having had at least half as many places of employment… and after staying still for almost 10 years now, I am ready to collate and embellish it all into an epic series of rip-roaring phantasmagorical philosophical adventures, this NaNoWriMo challenge will arrive with perfect timing.

Each day in November, I will be posting my 1,666 or so words on The Ev’ryverses blog  which you can also click to from sydarta.com.   This will be the “zeroth” draft* of the First Journal of The Ev’ryverses initial Trilogy Triumvirate: “Sydarta’s Journals of My Journeys Through Charms School.”  The zeroth draft is for finding Sydarta’s voice which will appear somewhere amongst the 50,000 words I will write in November.  Then comes the first draft… I can’t wait to read it!!!

Procrastination is an art form at which I excel and participation is not, so I AM IMMENSELY GRATEFUL for the folks whose bright ideas NaNoWriMo.org and all its offshoots are, and send you- as well as everyone reading this everywhere in The Ev’ryverse- love love love more love infinite love!  BUDDIES!!!

Fact Sheet

Birthday: February 11, 1969
Location: rural Maine, USA
Hobbies: I like makin stuff, inventing things.
Favorite noveling music: Sanscrit chanting, Coltrane, binaurals/self-hypnosis
Website: http://www.sydarta.com
Occupation: voice over actor
Favorite books or authors:  Lewis Carroll, Dr. Seuss,  Sidney Lanier, Mary Sidney & Amelia Bassano Lanier- collecively better known as “William Shakespeare,” Uncle Isaac (Asimov,) Uncle Kurt (Vonnegut,) Uncle Carl (Sagan,) Dr. Temple Grandin, J.R.R.Tolkien, Jalal ad-Din Rumi, George Carlin, William Blake, Flannery O’Connor, James Joyce, Dylan Thomas, Mary Wollstonecraft, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Angela Carter, J.D.Salinger, Tamora Pierce, Lorna Freeman, Patricia Briggs, & Edward Gorey

The Cover


Book title

Sydarta’s Journals of My Journeys Through Charms School; First Journal: Going There

Author: Mrs. Curtis
Genre: Science Fantasy


Welcome 2 my neuroatypical novel, the first book of the Initial Trilogy Triumvirate of The Ev’ryverses: Sydarta’s Journals of My Journeys Through Charms School; First Journal: Going There.  Trilogy #1: Saving Earth begins in rural Maine, where we meet the writer of the journals, Sydarta Rose. It’s the day before her 30th birthday &, unbeknowst 2 her, her Awakening as a Thorsdottir.  Her adventures begin w/ learning 2 travel the AllWays around The Ev’ryverse, & how 2 navigate through an education @ Charms School.


10 February 1999  Abnaki, ME

A stone spoke 2 me this morning.  I found her in the forest behind the house where she obviously did NOT belong.  It randomly began 2 snow while I was hunting Chaga & if it hadn’t, I woulda kept looking up in2 the Birches 4 polypores & not down @ the increasingly slippery leaf litter & probably missed her altogether.

First there was an odor: deep, earthy, but not entirely familiar; & it was difficult 2 breathe, the air felt heavy & dense w/ 2 much or 2 little of something I required to respire.  Strange sounds brought my eyes 2 the sky which suddenly & completely filled w/ glaring sunlight.  Then I tasted metal or electricity & when I looked back down @ my feet, I was not in my mostly Maple winter woods anymore.  That’s when the stone spoke.

She just reminded me that she’s not a stone, she’s a plant.  Was a plant.  A fossil now, she’s the Mother of Plants- no, the Mother of the Mother of Plants!  She is Shungite, and I was somehow in PRECAMBRIAN KAZAKHSTAN THIS MORNING TALKING 2 A ROCK.

If anyone ever reads this journal, they will surely have me committed.  Don’t call me Shirley!  & forget about that straight jacket, this is all real.

*ZEROth DRAFT (not part of the NaNoWriMo dashboard)

…So the Zeroth Draft will be for refining Sydarta’s voice- the one that kinda appeared while I was writing the above excerpt this morning.  And for world building.  Ev’ryverse building, rather!  For the reader, that is; I have a massive amount of information rolling around in my mind that I need to dole out in a logical way.  As a reader myself, I enjoy discovering information during the scenes rather than exposition, an Uncle Isaac/Asimovian approach.  Or crazy, random, idiosyncratic-insertion Uncle Kurt/Vonnegutize the heck out of it.  Gotta figure out where in the story what goes, y’know?

Until next time, intrepid reader, I remain: Philboyd Studge

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